Monday, March 1, 2010

(Lack of) 1967 World Series Complete Game Broadcasts

Ok, so let's try to get this thing figured out.

I finally found the article I KNEW I had read and that I KNEW stated that MLB had acquired 2 complete broadcasts from the 1967 Series.

Well, here is the quote:
"We know what we have in our archive. But as recently as seven years ago when MLB Productions was brought in-house, we were opening boxes that we didn't know what was in them," Scott said. "Talk about a treasure hunt for archivists. We know what we've got now. But occasionally we will discover that someone else has something that we don't."

The search for more content is a never-ending process. MLB just acquired a couple of complete games from the 1967 World Series.

The article was written for by Elizabeth Scott, Major League Baseball Productions vice president of programming and business affairs.

This article is from .

  • So I tried contacting J.J. Cooper on 3 different occasions to no response.

With that avenue closed, I tried contacting MLB.

The Good News: Cubs Fail - Bad News: So Does Lefty

How glorious YouTube truly is. Because of it, we get rare footage that pops up every once in awhile. This footage may not be something MLB Network actually has, however, or else they failed miserably for not using it at all during their Baseball Seasons: 1969 special.

What we have here is actual game footage from the pennant clinching game on September 24, 1969. The Mets played the Cardinals and dispatched of future HOF'er and better-than-Rick-Wise pitcher Steve Carlton in the first inning.

First up is footage from the first inning. With Bud Harrelson at 2B and Tom Agee at 1B, Don Clendenon took a Carlton pitch deep to RF for a 3-run HR.