Tuesday, June 29, 2010

(Bob) Moose hunting

This now marks the THIRD reference to Bob Moose on this blog. When we reached the 2nd reference, I remarked how improbable even that instance was.

Bob Moose, who tragically died in an automobile accident on his 29th birthday, authored the 2nd No Hitter in Shea Stadium history. This achievement came on September 20, 1969.

I really didn't think any footage from this game existed, however I was watching a Pirates/Cubs game on Memorial Day when this clip was shown during a commercial break.

As you can see at the very bottom of the screengrab, there is white lettering throughout, as if this is a recap of the game. The video footage that does exist is of the last inning, as Moose gets Art Shamsky to groundout to Dave Cash for the final out.

I'm not sure where this footage came from. I would say that it was footage from the Mets home broadcast, however I've seem similar footage (lighting and color) of the final out made at Forbes Field. I have yet to see the Shea Stadium DVD that was released when Shea was in it's final season, so anyone with access to that, please pass along if this clip is included. I'd imagine, like most No-No's of the era, the only surviving footage is of either the last inning or just the last out.

As a bonus, this SNS clip was included. It is game footage, however is clearly not broadcast footage. It appears to be the remnants of a news broadcast.


  1. I am a huge fan of Bob Moose; in fact, I host a massive blog dedicated to Bob's memory:


  2. This was the first game I ever attended. I was 7. I'd love to see the film clips

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