Saturday, November 6, 2010

1962 World Series Game 7: Newsreel or broadcast?

The biggest thing that comes along when doing this 'investigative' work is trying to decipher what you're really seeing. When it comes to game footage, in general, you can tell if something is a kinescope because of the way the image will be lit (coming off the TV screen), or you can tell something is more likely game film because of camera angles and old MLB Productions 'effects'. With videotape, it's also very obvious because of the saturation and framerate.

However, when it comes to this footage, I honestly can't figure it out.

MLB Networks showed this clip for the first time I'd ever seen back in the spring. I saved it for a future article, in fact, I've written this article on 2 separate occasions but deleted it because I honestly can't tell if this is broadcast footage or a news reel.

Thus, I turn to you, the readers for your help. What you'll need first is a link to the video.