Thursday, April 28, 2011

The REAL Tony C Comeback video

Thanks to my favorite tipster, the actual footage of Tony C's game was stumbled upon. The screengrabs shown have been cropped to protect the actual source.

I can tell you that this footage existed for over 20 years. After that, I have no knowledge if the original source footage is still there. As I said before, MLB appears to have hodge-podged the clip in their special together. That doesn't mean they DON'T have this footage, as in the past they've used poor quality footage or no clips at all to talk about games or events that they actually have broadcast footage for. What I do know is that this clip, which is part of another broadcast, still exists and is out there.

The clip is over 20 seconds long. It starts with the crowd applauding Tony C as he comes to bat and then shows him standing in the box waiting on the pitch. It DOES NOT show the footage that I showed in the last post of upclose on his face:

The quality this time is of broadcast quality. All the way down to the rounded edges on the image and the actual framerate speed.

Here we see Tony C touching homeplate for REAL this time, which is not remotely close to what we saw in the other footage used by MLBNetwork.

Finally, Tony C is congratulated by #40 Ken 'The Hawk' Harrelson (who was the Opening Day 1B) and we see him go into the dugout and receive a kiss on the check from his manager.

Once again, thanks to my favorite tipster for uncovering this serendipitous discovery!

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  1. Interesting!
    I only about an hour ago re-watched the Tony C. highlight DVD that I have, and this is the exact footage that was in my mind's eye, and it was what was indeed on the DVD. Really weird to see it posted here so immediately!
    So virtually the only "real" video on the previous post was the outfielder leaning against the fence!
    The one possible inconsistency I see with the new post is that whoever prepared the highlight DVD I have edited out any cheering. So if you say there was cheering before he came up, maybe that was from his first at-bat? Because I think the homer came later in the game, and you know how that goes...they might have given him a big cheer in his first at-bat, but after that?

    Bottom line, if anybody has full-game Rohr near no-hitter or Tony C. comeback, I beseech you to put it on DVD for mass consumption. But obviously, I tend to doubt it's more than snippets.