Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1970 WS: Kine vs Video

It is rare that we get to compare both videotape and kinescope but MLB.com afforded us that luxury recently with a montage videotaped clip from the 1970 World Series.

Well known as the 'Brooks Robinson Series', the video clip seen here offers a glimpse at what the 1970 World Series looked like in color on NBC.  The series, as it exists to collectors, is in the form of Games 1 thru 4 in black and white kinescope and Game 5 in color videotape.

After the jump, I'll show some side by side shots of the kine against the videotaped footage.

My copy of the kinescope may not be the greatest but it does give an idea of the obvious differences.  Not just in the matters of clarity between the two but as is often the case with kinescope, we lose the perspective of lighting at the game.

When doing kinescopes, there is an added element to the footage: the room it is filmed in.  The glare on the screen, the signal coming in, etc can change the way history views these classic broadcasts.

The highlights themselves seem to be a NBC compilation put together as they feature 'GAME 1' banners and such.  Without looking at the Game 5 postgame, I am not sure if this comes from that or from another NBC broadcast.

While I'm never ungrateful for kinescoped footage it is nice to see more color broadcast footage, showcasing the game in the way it was originally broadcast.


  1. Wow, that's quite the difference.

    Great stuff lately, thanks!

  2. Surely that means NBC just might have entire games, in the original color, instead of the CBC B&W kinescopes?