Thursday, June 13, 2013

Seven Seconds with Pete Falcone

Although outside the 'kinescope' era and not very long of a clip, I felt it was still worth mentioning this clip I stumbled upon.  

Last week on Fox Sports Midwest, they ran a segment on Cardinals with the number 41. During that segment, there was a short seven second clip about Pete Falcone.  Falcone was a starter for the St. Louis Cardinals for the 1977 and 1978 seasons. The game in which they showed featured Falcone facing the Pittsburgh Pirates.  

After the jump, I'll talk about the inning showcased, the players faced and something about the uniforms I learned.

The date of this game is April 15, 1977.  I was able to narrow down the games to contests Falcon pitched for the Cardinals at Busch Stadium against the Pirates.  The first batter shown in this inning is Phil "Scrap Iron" Garner (#17).  Falcone is throwing from the stretch, so no one is on for Garner.  

Garner rips the ball to left field and in the very next clip is seen standing on second base.  Garner hit 3 doubles against Falcone as a Cardinal, all in 1977.  

The following hitter shown is Dave Parker (#39) who hits an absolute bomb to right field.  You can see Garner standing on second base.

Finally, we get Rennie Stennett (#6) for the Pirates batting with a runner on base (Falcone from the stretch). You can see the catcher (Ted Simmons) jumping up to throw out a runner stealing.  Unfortunately for the Cardinals, Stennett makes contact. This at-bat actually turns out to be a Stennett inside-the-park homerun.  

Now the bit about the uniforms.  Looking at the HOF's site about uniforms, I attempted to narrow down the timeframe of this Pirates set.  Clearly, the Pirates liked to play mix-and-match with their uniforms during this time in the organization and this game is no exception.  They are wearing a pinstriped top and yellow pants on the road. This uniform combo is not listed on the HOF site as seen here.

The clip does not feature broadcast audio however it is clearly game footage.  It could simply be a cut-down highlight package (or low-light) or the FSMW crew could have cut it down themselves.  There isn't anything particularly noteworthy about this game other than that Brock stole a base.  However, this is during the videotape era and the Cardinals may have archived this game as an organization.  

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  1. The Pirates wore the yellow, black and bumble bee sets and mixed and matched them from 1977-1979.