Thursday, January 19, 2012

One He Got at Shea

If I told you to name the Top 3 triples hitters in Cardinals history, I'd imagine at least one of those 3 names would include Lou Brock. If it did, you'd be wrong. Lou actually was 4th All-Time on the Cardinals triple list and as another testiment to his greatness, Stan Musial tops the list with 36 more in his career.

But this post is only about one of Lou Brock's triples, one he hit into the spacious right centerfield gap at Shea Stadium.

This one was pretty easy, especially when dealing with something as rare as a triple. However, I'll still go through the steps. As was stated in the Carlton clip, the uniform Brock is wearing was 1971 and beyond. Brock played until 1979. So, we have a clip that spans between those years.

The pitcher is wearing #43. He is also right handed. During that span, RH pitchers for the Mets wearing that number include Jim McAndrew (1968 -1973), Paul Seibert (1977-78) and Juan Berenguer (1979). A few things on this, Seibert throws LH and Juan Berenguer is from Panama. The pitcher in this clip is lighter skinned and throws RH.

As far as triples go, Brock hit 4 triples at Shea Stadium from 1971-1979 and only 2 during McAndrew's tenure with the team. Both of those, oddly enough came off of McAndrew.

The first of those came on September 28th, 1971. McAndrew relieved Nolan Ryan in the first inning following a 4 walk, 1 hit and no out performance. Brock would triple to RF in the 2nd.

The 2nd of those is our actual game on August 5th, 1973. In the 3rd inning, Brock stepped in following previous KSH subject Rick Wise's solo shot and ripped a liner into RCF gap for a triple. What makes this the clip is the CF. From 1971 through 1974, Don Hahn wore #25 for the Mets. In the 1971 game, Hahn actually PH for McAndrew and never saw the field where as in the 1973 game, he started in CF and played the whole game.

There is no game audio on this clip. The source is a Cardinals highlight film called "St. Louis Cardinals: The Movie" by Philo Films.

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