Friday, April 19, 2019

MLB Vault: MLB's "new" (old) YouTube Channel

In late 2010, MLB created a promising new YouTube channel dubbed "MLB Classics".  Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that the channel was nothing more than a conglomeration of previously available MLB games.  Rolling in some previously internationally available games involving Japanese born MLB stars, the channel adopted some of the classic fare you would find on or iTunes for download.  

There the channel sat.  While MLB continued to upload classic clips to their main MLB channel, this clips did not find their way to the 'Classics' channel.  Still yet, MLB would make their international channels available in the US at the conclusion of the season under the titles of 'MLBGlobal11', etc but didn't bring these games over to their 'Classics' channel.  World Series games from 2013 and even the 'Curse' breaking World Series clincher between Cleveland and Chicago would be uploaded to the main 'MLB' YouTube channel.  

This channel seemed like a dead channel, a place you could go if you wanted to see the '52 Series clincher or Kerry Wood strike out 20 Astros. 

Until 3 weeks ago...

MLB rebranded the channel 'MLB Vault'.  All the previous content remains.  However, the channel did add 6 new produced videos.  These clips, all under 20 minutes, feature either broadcast footage or This Week in Baseball footage.   The list of these recent clips are:

Where this channel will head going forward is hard to tell.  Based on past practice, you could easily believe that it will be neglected for 8 years.  However, with some of these produced highlight clips that they've uploaded it may be the beginning of a shift from classic footage ending up on the main MLB channel and being diverted to this site instead.  Disconcerting is the header found on the channel, featuring Maddux, Griffey, Henderson and Bonds - not a single player from before the 1979 season.  They can receive somewhat of a pass considering what a YouTube channel's target audience is going to be.

With that said, it has been over 2 weeks (as of this writing) since they uploaded new footage.  So maybe not much has changed...


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